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The Cuban American Alliance for Leadership and Education from Union City, NJ

On the morning of Thursday, January 9, 2020, the young members of the Cuban American Alliance for Leadership & Education in the city of Union City, New Jersey, interested in learning about Cuban history and culture, went to the Library of the House of Brigade, where members of the Brigade Humberto (Chino) Arguelles Brigade, offered a detailed account of the action of Bay of Pigs. Jose Basulto León, in emotional words, recalled the humanitarian work of Brothers to the Rescue, and the demolition of airplanes in international waters by the Castro assassins. Col. Johnny López de la Cruz President of the Brigade talked about the history of the Brigade concluding with a section of questions and answers. The participants showed their appreciation for the historical review with strong applause.

The young members of the Cuban American For Leadership & Education with its director Adam San Miguel Averoff and Brigade President Col. Johnny Lopez de la Cruz.

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