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Bay of Pigs 60 Year Commemoration

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Monument of the Liberation Air Force-Brigade 2506, at the Miami Executive Airport, where about 500 guests attended the event. The keynote speaker was Governor Ron DeSantis as well as distinguished guests Senator Marco Rubio, Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nuñez, Congressmen Mario Díaz-Balart, María E. Salazar and Mayors Daniella Levine-Cava and Francis Suarez.

Also present were several Representatives from the Florida Legislature and Commissioners from Miami-Dade County and the City of Miami. We were also honored with their presence by representatives of several sister organizations that together continue the fight for the freedom of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, and against communism. This event was a great success, where the values ​​and patriotic duty of the members of Brigade 2506 were exalted.


On April 17 at the monument to the Martyrs of the Bay of Pigs, we had the opportunity to meet and talk with the newly appointed chief of the police of the city of Miami, Art Acevedo, nephew of our beloved brigadista brother now deceased Segundo M. Miranda Hernández Brig. # 3032 of the 6th Infantry Battalion.

Chief Acevedo expressed his admiration and respect for the members of the 2506 Brigade and offered his help and cooperation when needed. We gifted Chief Acevedo and his team masks with the Brigade flag.

With Miami City Police Chief Art Acevedo wearing a 2506 Brigade mask and several police officers, Brigade members: Juan Perón, Humberto López Saldaña, Santiago Jont Camejo and Antonio Franco Duarte.


On Saturday, April 17, 2021, on the 60th anniversary of the historic deed at the Bay of Pigs, a large crowd gathered for the traditional roll call where we mention the names of the Martyrs of the 2506 Brigade, who heroically fell fighting for a free Cuba. In a very emotional act, Jose Borras Jr. began naming the first group of names of the Martyrs of the Brigade, including that of his father Jose Borras Gutiérrez, to conclude the roll call of the Martyrs.

Janet Ray called out the names of the American pilots Martyrs of Brigade 2506: Riley W. Shamburger, Wade Carrol Gray, Leo Francis Baker and that of her dear father Capt: Thomas Ray, American patriots who gave their lives for the sake of the freedom of Cuba.

The monument to the Martyrs of the Brigade on 8th street, was completely renovated for the occasion, a flag pole was placed where the Brigade flag was made and where it will remain. Brigade flags will be placed in several City of Miami landmarks; an initiative and work for which we have to thank our good friend and supporter of the Brigade, Miami Commissioner Joe Carollo.

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