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Carrie L. Filipetti's official visit to to the Bay of Pigs Brigade 2506 Museum

On September 13, 2019, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs, Carrie L. Filipetti and Public Diplomacy Officer Ryan Peseckas met with the President of the Bay of Pigs Veterans Association Johnny Lopez de la Cruz and members of the Board of Directors who were invited to listen to recommendations on US policy in reference to Cuba and Venezuela. Ms. Filipetti, in her role as The Assistant Secretary of the State Department is responsible for the foreign policy of Cuba and Venezuela.

President Lopez de la Cruz informed Ms. Filipetti and Mr. Peseckas that the Bay of Pigs Veterans Association has been recommending the strengthening of sanctions against Cuba and Venezuela for a long time with the aim of changing the repressive regimes in these two countries. The United States government has been asked to add Cuba to the blacklist of Terrorist and Human Trafficking countries and to stop cultural exchanges, visas to communists of the regime and merchandise shipments from the port of Tampa and elsewhere. The Association recommended that doctors, dentists and nurses that Cuba sends for many nations as slaves and that produce more than $ 3.6 billion per year to the Havana regime be granted visas to enter the United States. The government of this nation has been asked to limit remittances to Cuba and ensure that the trade embargo against Cuba is not violated. President Lopez de la Cruz informed the two officials that he is working with the Florida Attorney General to prosecute the murderous dictator Raúl Castro for ordering the illegal and cowardly downing of two Brothers to the Rescue planes.  The Association also thanked President Donald J. Trump for all the measures already taken against the bloodthirsty regime of Cuba and Venezuela. All the Brigadiers who attended this meeting thought it was very positive. We were impressed by Carrie L. Filipetti's knowledge of the current situation in Cuba and Venezuela and the report that President Donald J. Trump wants freedom for Cubans and Venezuelans who suffer the terrible oppression of these two bloodthirsty regimes. President Lopez de la Cruz will keep in touch with Carrie L. Filipetti. From left to right in photograph:

Pablo Cisneros, Public Diplomacy Officer - Ryan Peseckas, Dr. Eduardo Zayas Bazán, Leon Hirzel, Dr. Jorge Giró, Carlos León, Coronel (ret) Johnny Lopez de la Cruz - President of the Bay of Pigs Brigade 2506 Veterans Association & Museum, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs - Carrie L. Filipetti, Prof. Frank de Varona, Humberto Díaz Arguelles, Coronel (ret) Manuel Granado y Pedro Roig.

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