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Bay of Pigs Veterans Association Trump 2020 Presidency Endorsement

Miami, Florida

September 13, 2020

It was with great satisfaction that we read President Donald J. Trump's twitter mentioning the vent in which the Veterans Association Brigade 2506 presented a recognition award, consisting of the emblem used by our patriots during the battle of the Bay of Pigs Invasion, Cuba, 1961.

The award was presented to president Trump for the purpose of recognizing his political and social platform, which is in line with the conservative beliefs of our organization and his objectives of ending totalitarian regimes, drug and human trafficking and human rights abuses in our hemisphere and beyond

We know what it is to live under socialism and we reject the efforts and the terrorist tactics that the extreme left is using to transform this country, our adopted country, into a socialist state. We know that President Trump will restore unity, law and order to the streets of our cities.

We strongly support and endorse President Trump and his campaign for the presidency of the United States of America. His many accomplishments fully justify his reelection and the continuation of his efforts to make America Great Again.

Released by Juan (Johnny) Lopes de la Cruz

Colonel, U.S. Army (Ret)

President, Veterans Association-Brigade 2506

Click below to download original press release.

Download PDF • 279KB

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