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LCI BLAGAR.Command ship of the Brigade Navy.

When LCI BLAGAR's Senior Cuban Officer, Captain Juan L. Cosculluela notifies Manuel Artime that they are entering Cuban territorial waters (12 miles), Manuel Artime suggests to make a change of flags on the boat. The LCI BLAGAR was sailing under the Nicaraguan flag. The photo shows that historical moment: the change of flags in the stern of the boat. Present at this historic event are Captain Juan L. Cosculluela, Brigade Commander Jose Perez San Roman, Dr. Manuel Artime Bueza, Civil Brigade Chief, Corvette Captain Jaime Varela Canosa, Chief of Navy and The Medical Lieutenant Dr. Juan Rodriguez Pintado, doctor of the LCI Blagar. It is on April 16, 1961, at 5:00 PM (5:00 PM)

Photo taken at the LCI BLAGAR, moments after hoisting the Cuban Flag when entering Cuban waters.


Aerial photo of the wharf in Puerto Cabezas, from where the cargo ships of Garcia Lane with the 250th Assault Brigade left. Also the LCI Blagar and the LCI Barbara J.


Photo of the group of male frogs at the LCI BLAGAR on April 16, 1961, Grayston Lynch CIA American advisor appears in this photo, he was the American counterpart of Captain Cosculluela and Commander Officer of Invasion.

LCI BARBARA J - Senior Cuban Officer Osvaldo Inguanzo Sabater, the American Commander for the CIA was William "Rip" Robertson. 

SHIP SS HOUSTON under the command of Captain Luis Morse Delgado, when he was bombed, he was able to take the ship near the shore and run it, which prevented the drowning of the members of Battalion 5 and later rescue part of his cargo.

Photo taken by Julian Buznedo, helmsman of Barbara J. In the photo we can see the lifeguard hanging on the railing where it hangs and we identify the letters RA-J. To the front we see the ship SS Houston, model cargo ship Liberty, which were used negligently to transport to the members of the Brigade.

SHIP SS ATLANTIC, in the Invasion its codename "TIBURON" and its crew
VESSEL SS LAKE CHARLES - HOSPITAL BLOCK, in the Invasion its codename "ATUN" and its crew

SHIP SS RIO ESCONDIDO, was attacked after SS HOUSTON. He was attacked by a SeaFury, piloted by Captain Enrique Carreras, the ship received a direct impact, and having in his cargo 145 drums auto gas, 55 drums aviacion, 23 drums of oil and fats, 15 drums Diesel, 6 drums gasoline for Outboard engines, making a total of 33,586 gallons of fuel. In low caliber ammunition 54,778 pounds, high explosive ammunition 223,855 lbs. Pyrotechnic ammunition 6,473 lbs. And white phosphorus ammo 31,253 lbs. If you want more details of the load of Rio Escondido, click on the folder located under the banner of Marina Clandestina and Hombres Ranas

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