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landing crafts destroy
The landing craft were destroyed by the coral

LANDING LIFTS LCVP, lack of proper intelligence gathering and analysis, caused a waste of time looking for a step between the coral and reaching the shore. The landing craft were destroyed by the coral, therefore could not be used, in the photos you can see how they were left behind.

Timonel del LCI Barbara J
Two semi-sunken ships

Two semi-sunken ships can be seen in the picture, the one on the right could be Houston, which his Captain Luis Morse plunges him into a reef.


Return navy button LCI BLAGAR and LCI BARBARA J, these two ships served as mother ships, transporting members of the infiltration teams, supplies for clandestine and command teams, before and after the Invasion. After the invasion they continued to operate. Barbara J, was also known as RIPPTIDE, PETREL and EL VILARO. You can read the MEMORIES of the LCI BLAGAR, written by its Executive Officer, Captain Cosculluela (clicking with the mouse) on the photo of the boat. You can read and see the original Manifesto of the LCI BARBARA J crew, and it was officially registered as the M / V BETTY S. This original document is preserved thanks to the Executive Officer Capitan Osvaldo Inguanzo (click on the photo of the boat, With the mouse).

LCI BLAGAR crew list
LCI BARBARA J on water
pt susan ann list
TEJANA III Ship crew list
PT Terry Knot Ship
PT Terry Knot Ship crew list

PT TERRY KNOT name in its beginnings, later it was named ASR BARBERO, it was operated by the Office of the Naval Commission chaired by Jaime Varela Canosa and Renato Diaz Blanco, these officers participated in the Bay of Pigs Invasion. Jaime Varela as liaison of the Navy and the Brigade. Renato Diaz Blanco was assigned to the ship Santa Ana in Operation Mars. Note: Clicking the mouse on the photo will open an original document of two trips made to Cuba the first was on September 23, 1960. The second has no date. In that document are the names of the crew of those trips.

seagull ship
seagull details pics
Sea Gull crew list

SEA GULL, used in clandestine operations. One of the most successful was during the Invasion to Bahia de Cochinos, was used along with the Yacht Crist Craft "WASP" the latter manned by Americans, the only Cuban was the Radio-Operator Manolo Garcia Rubio assigned to this boat. The mission known as Mirage was to plant buoys and send ghost radar signals, which created false images on enemy radars, making them believe that an invading fleet was coming. The objective was to mobilize the enemy to the north coast of Cuba and distract them combat forces and resources from the combat zone in Bahia de Cochinos. There was another Prowler model boat with the name "WASP", this boat used different names during its life: "ATARELO" and "BAREFOOT". The owner of it was Cecil Goudie. When it was withdrawn from the operations to be used as a school and transport of materials and personnel to the operating vessels, it was renamed "CRUSADER". Its commander was Rodolfo Sibles Giraud, and the machinist was Jose "Pepe" Escarse Cancio.

Prowler "WASP" List
velero marie list of crew
cacique list of crew
hustler list of crew
PC REX ship
PC LEDA ship front

PC REX and PC LEDA, after these two PCs were renamed, PC REX was named EXPLORER II and PCA LEDA after modifying the superstructure was named ROINA. The crews of the ships were rotated, according to availability or the boat.

PC Rex and PC LEda Crew pictures

PC Rex and PC Leda Crew

Tripulacion Del PC REX
Tripulacion Del PC LEDA
crew pics
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