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Letter From the President, Rafael Montalvo

Dear Hermanos Brigadistas,


This year, 2023, will be the 62nd Anniversary of that fateful event that shaped our lives, the lives of our countrymen, and the political world in the Americas. 


We have spent the last several years, forging the Brigade’s message for the world to hear. The Brigade was formed by a group of volunteers that were willing to sacrifice all in the pursuit of freedom. The Brigade was betrayed by President Kennedy’s White House, abandoned to run out of ammunition, left to die or to be incarcerated. The same spirit that drove us then, drives us now. Freedom is worth fighting for, and sacrificing for. 


Today, we dedicate all of our efforts to spreading this message. A new, expanded, professionally-designed museum is being built that will greatly enhance our ability to spread the word. In the meantime, at the hands of experienced veterans, tours are being conducted daily, for a record number of visitors comprised of students, professors, social groups, etc. from places throughout the United States and the world. These tours have earned the Brigade excellent reviews throughout the community.


The Brigade is fulfilling our promise, "Jamás abandonaremos a nuestra Patria ”.


Rafael Montalvo

Rafael Montalvo


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