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Berta Barreto de los Heros, Coordinator of the Cuban Families Committe for the Liberation of the Bay of Pigs Prisoners of War, Inc.

Captain Jose Perez San Roman, Military Chief of the 2506 Brigade addressing the audience when the members of the Brigade were received at the Orange Bowl, with the assistance of President John F. Kennedy. And Fr. Ismael Lugo Alba, Head of the Chaplains giving the Flag of the Brigade to J.F. Kennedy

Brigadistas in the Orange Bowl, relatives and Cubans of Miami

Brigadistas en el Dinner Key, con sus familiares, despues de llegar de Cuba

READ CHAPTER VI-AFTER THE BAY OF PIGS / AFTER BAHIA DE COCHINOS, make "click with the mouse" on the cover

Photos in Dinner Key at the arrival of members of the Brigade to their liberation of Cuba

Members of the Infiltration Team at the Orange Bowl during President Kennedy's visit

Marching in the Orange Bowl, during Kennedy's Visit

Maria Comella Anglada parading with members of the Brigade, in the last act in the Orange Bowl before its demolition. Recalling the reception of the combatants of the Brigade when they were released from the prisons of Cuba.

P. Ismael Lugo, addressing the Brigade at the Orange Bowl, Miami. Behind him is President John F. Kennedy, Manuel Artime, Jacqueline Kennedy, Miro Cardona.

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