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Picture taken in Helvetia, Guatemala
SEPT. 1960

They entered the Guantanamo Base, Lt. Commander Harlod Feeney, US Navy Chief of Intelligence, overstepping their orders in trying to secure the liberation of Cuba, and also helped other Cubans who fought against Castro. These photos are copyrighted 2011

Photos in the Jardin de la Embajada in Italy, located on Fifth Avenue and 60th Street in Miramar. La Habana August 15, 1961. Among these group of refugees are the members of the  Infiltration Team of the Brigade, who were celebrating the birthday of Jose "Pepito" Regalado that day.

Group of Refugees in the Italian Embassy

Sample of false and authentic Cuban money, given to the infiltration members. Not all members of the infiltration teams received the fake money. Picture of the plane ticket used by Manuel Comella Anglada # 2637 for his return to Cuba in a commercial airplane of Pan American airline line on February 9, 1961. Seven members of the infiltration group were chosen and accepted to voluntarily to return To Cuba using the commercial areas lines at that time. These members were Gabriel Duran Byron # 2515, Armando Acevedo Arencibia # 2505, Miguel Penton Alfonso # 2597, Manuel H. Reyes Garcia # 2517, Jose Basulto Leon # 2522 and Eduardo Ojeda Camaraza # 2578 was the first of the infiltration group that entered Cuba using that route. Manuel Reyes Garcia and Eduardo Ojeda Camaraza were captured and sentenced to prison. Eduardo Ojeda Camaraza was the first of this group who was captured as the group entered Cuba.

Top Left: Raul Villaverde, examining the 20mm installed in the aft of the boat. Top Right: Ramon Cubenas in a practice with the machine gun caliber 50, At the time, he died in a mission to Cuba. Bottom left: Billy, "Chuco" and Benito. On the right to Billy with 20mm canon ammunition.

Felix Rodriguez, Rafael Quintero "Chichi" and Manuel Guillot, when they infiltrated Cuba by Paredones on December 31, 1961. After this infiltration Manuel Guillot was captured and shot

In March 1961, the TEXACO refinery in Santiago de Cuba was attached. The objective was to knock down the electricity towers. The action did not have an efficiency of one hundred percent, since the members of the operation that supplied the dimensions of the towers miscalculated the quantity of the explosives. Nevertheless they achieved a blackout and the towers did not fall in its entirety. The group was transported by the LCI BARBARA J, in which Executive Officer was Captain Osvaldo Inguanzo Sabatier. It is to emphasize that the American adviser William "Rip" Robertson, acting against the orders of the CIA, disembarked and participated in the operation. Unpublished photo appeared in the archives of the Brigade

After the attack, they took this photo, celebrating the success of the mission

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